Hello, I'm Dave Wascha

I'm a product guy at heart and always have been since I was a kid. I've been incredibly fortunate to work for, consult and advise some of the most amazing companies in the world spanning enterprise, consumer, search, travel, financial services, ecommerce, online and offline. I have a childlike curiosity and an unstoppable will which has enabled me to help companies get to the heart of what their customers really want and deliver amazing products that delight. I'm a father, a chef, a maker, a writer, a cyclist and someone who doesn't like to categorise himself in a few sentences on a web page. Interested in working together?


Dave Wascher


I frequently speak on a variety of topics including innovation, product strategy, building customer focused corporate cultures and a wide variety of other topics. From large conferences to small seminars to corporate retreats my aim is to make every talk relevant, informative, thought provoking and entertaining. If it carries any weight with you my mother has endorsed me as one of the greatest speakers in the world.


As the previous speech writer for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, I’ve seen some of the best presenters in the world. Dave Wascha is among that elite few who are capable of captivating an audience and telling stories to communicate complex ideas. With wit and charm, Dave Wascha teaches you while he’s entertaining you. That’s a rare trait. Dave Mendlen

Dave's been a top requested speaker at our conferences several years running. Always thought-provoking, always entertaining.Jay Hanes CEO Strategyn Ventures

Recently Dave spoke with our management team at Crystal Ski Holidays about growing a customer focused organisation. His relaxed, no-jargon approach and knack for demonstrating what great product thinking looks like resonated deeply with people from all areas of the organisation. Tamsin Todd, Managing Director, Crystal Ski Holidays

I have had the privileged to hear Dave talk a couple of times. On the subject of product management he cannot be beaten on either eloquence or insight and his lessons on the power of asking 'why' have proved genuinely useful to both myself and the company. Rose Keen, Haymarket Media Group

Dave combines rich insight with a wonderful touch of humor that helps his listeners to learn while laughing." Lance Bettencourt, Founder Service 360 Partners Lorena Paglia, LVP Consulting

Product Plan Audit

Companies audit their finances, they audit their security infrastructure, they audit their taxes, their regulatory compliance, their environmental impact and dozens of other aspects of their business.They audit everything but the most important thing at the heart of their commercial viability: Their product plan. We're the first in the industry to offer a comprehensive product plan audit. We've developed a framework for evaluating the strength and viability of product plans that help turn good plans into great ones and clearly identify problems, threats and weaknesses in everything from corporate strategies to startup business plans down to product level feature backlogs and roadmaps. We bring a fresh, objective and independent perspective to validate and strengthen your most precious asset. Simply put, you cannot afford not to have your product plan audited.


If Dave ran the teams that built and marketed all the products we use, everything would work and nobody would be disappointed. Michael Dix, Founder & CEO of Intentional Futures

Dave is a product master - he's curious, open-minded, straight-talking, always asks why, and is extremely fun to work with… And he loves weird conversations, which often turn out to be the most productive discussions of all. Libby Young, Innovation & Product Development Director at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Dave is a true product expert. His insights into consumer behaviour, ability to analyse complex markets and his knowledge of how to get drive a roadmap through an organisation make a huge difference for the business Peter Maxmin, Consumer Marketing Director, Linkedin EMEA

Dave is the consummate product strategy professional.He as the skills, experience, disposition and intellect to tackle the thorniest product strategy challenges, and at the same time, the uncanny ability to ensure those around him succeed as well. Barry Goffe, President at Vaporpath Inc.

Dave is passionate about understanding and solving consumers' problems though innovation. He is one of the most talented product strategists I've had the pleasure to work with Mauricio Cuevas - CEO - BevyUp


I know how much impact a great mentor can have on your career and your life because I've been lucky enough to have had a few. I've been a lifelong student of human behavior, human performance, leadership and interpersonal skills development and I truly enjoy working with people to help them grow and evolve. I've also recently started to spend more time doing executive coaching.


Dave brings all the right questions, and an exhilarating energy to help you answer them Alex Finnemore, Head of Product at Boxbee

Startup Advisory

Startup advisory is where all of these different offerings, consulting, product plan audit and mentoring come together. When I commit to become your adviser it means I dedicate a material amount of quality time to helping you work through your issues be they strategic planning, tactical execution, recruiting, hiring, financing and any of the myriad of other challenges you are facing.


If Dave ran the teams that built and marketed all the products we use, everything would work and nobody would be disappointed.

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